Snow removal and street parking

Post date: Feb 04, 2011 2:26:26 AM

The Washtenaw County Road Commission is responsible for winter maintenance on all county roads and State Trunklines. Winter maintenance activities include applying salt and sand, as well as plowing snow on roadways and shoulders.

The Road Commission performs its winter maintenance in accordance with the Winter Maintenance Guidelines approved annually by the Board of County Road Commissioners, with the highest priority being given to State Trunklines and high traffic volume roads.

Winter maintenance operations will be conducted based on a priority system established on the County and State Trunkline roads. The priorities primarily have been established based on traffic volumes.

  • Priority 1 – State Trunklines

  • Priority 2 – High volume hard surface roads

  • Priority 3 – Medium volume hard surface roads

  • Priority 4 – Subdivision streets

  • Priority 5 – Gravel Roads

Please remember that parking on any street in the subdivision is prohibited by Section 6.16 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. When we have snowfall, please be sure to park in your driveway. The county snowplows cannot effectively remove snow if cars are blocking their progress.