House numbers on the curb

Post date: Nov 22, 2011 7:43:59 PM

You may have seen a flyer labeled 'NOTICE - STREET MAINTENANCE COMPANY" on mailboxes throughout the neighborhood, and you may also have opted for the service to paint house numbers on the curb. The HOA has been informed that this service was not authorized by the township, and that the company is in violation of the township's peddling ordinance.

Neither the Ypsilanti Township Fire Department nor the Township encourage this based on the Property Maintenance Code, which requires all homes to have addresses displayed in contrasting colors on the front of the house. House numbers painted on the curb may not be visible after heavy snowfall or after the streets have been plowed, and therefore are of little to no benefit to the homeowner. Furthermore, the fliers were affixed to mailboxes, which is against United States Postal Service policy because no postage was applied.

We have confirmed with the township that it is not illegal to have your house number painted on the curb, and no action will be taken against any homeowner who opted for this service. However, we would like to request that homeowners forward the contact information of the company to the HOA when you receive their invoice. This will allow the township to make the appropriate response to the company, and may also protect our residents from being overcharged for this service.

Please contact the HOA with any questions or concerns.